Sydnee Paige: Working Your Way Up

In this episode, I chat with fashion stylist Sydnee Paige! After completing an internship and then getting offered a full-time at Vince Camuto Sydnee moved to NYC. She spent some time in corporate but quickly realized that she thrived being on set. After a few months of research and prayer, a freelance assistant styling job with one of the city’s top celebrity stylists popped up and Sydnee jumped head first into the opportunity!

Sydnee’s assisted in styling Alicia Keys, John Cena, Chantel Jeffries, and my favorite CARDI B! Throughout our conversation, Sydnee talks about how she built up her network from the bottom up, how she manages with the cattiness within the fashion industry, what it was like to work with Cardi and much more!

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Inspo of the Week

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” -Rumi


4:00-This is Sydnee

7:10-What you gotta do to get in

10:20-Work ethic

14:00-It’s not as easy as it looks

18:00-Sydnee’s personal fashion inspiration!

20:00-Building a network from the bottom up

25:00-Being Cardi B’s assistant stylist

34:00-Remaining cool under pressure

41:00-Message to the world

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