Shirin Eskandani: Training to be an opera singer, overcoming perfectionism, diversity, embracing excellence, and letting go of the hustle mentality



I had a lovely chat with the founder of Whole Hearted Coaching and co-founder of Brown Girl Brunch, Shirin Eskandani! Shirin is a classically trained opera singer who after many years of work landed her dream contract at the Metropolitan Opera. It was after landing her dream job that she realized it wasn’t everything she imagined, and there was more she wanted to give. Over time, she pivoted and became a life coach specifically to work with women who have big dreams and big hearts. She assists women by working through their fear and doubt so that they can live their lives with more purpose, passion and joy. Her work is rooted in finding what drives her clients and what makes them passionate about life.

We discussed what the adjustment was like for Shirin’s family after moving from Iran to Canada, the importance of diversity, her musical background, overcoming perfectionism, creating a healthy relationship with our to-do lists, embracing excellence, and lots more!

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