I Tried Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

**Wikipedia defines Past Life Regression as a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations, though others regard them as fantasies or delusions or a type of confabulation.**

I had fantasized about the idea of being hypnotized for over a decade, but I was always too much of a chicken to commit, that is until recently. A few weeks ago my friend Adri invited me to a group Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session led by Jed Shlackman. I finally decided this would be it, I was going to do this thing. I was proud of myself for finally deciding to take the plunge but didn’t really know what to expect. Would I tap into dark memories? Was this all a gimmick? Could I even be hypnotized? Despite having googled my ass off before the session I went in not really knowing what the hell I was getting myself into. I figured the best case scenario would be that I would experience the trippiness everyone raved about and at worst I’d just lay down and meditate for 90 minutes.

In true Cat fashion, I arrived at the location with anxiety. I had suddenly begun replaying scenes from Get Out and insistently contemplated on the validity of the sunken place, but it was too late for all of that. I was going to do it. Plus, it was a group session, so if I fell into the sunken place I wouldn’t be going there alone. After a bit, I looked around realized we were surrounded by Himalayan salt lamps, sage bunches, and healing stones. My brujita senses told me I was safe so my anxiety dissolved and I finally chilled and tapped into the present.

Before the hypnosis began in his naturally soothing voice Jed briefed us on his psychology background, the methods he would be using to guide us, and what to expect. After he was done explaining the process, I felt confident that I was going to have a great experience and surrendered to what was to come.

For the sake of authenticity, what transpired throughout the 90-minute session will be detailed as it was written in my journal.

May 8th, 2017 7:00 pm

Safe space: my mind drifted to Kennebunk, Maine under the tree out looking to the homes.

(Jed had us start off by envisioning a safe space and encouraged us to go there at any point during the session if we felt it necessary)

Life 1: White man in the 1800s teaching a university class. What I saw was a really lonely man. He has just wrapped up class and was erasing a green chalkboard. When he turned around none of his pupils were there. He proceeded to sit down, cross his legs, and smoke out of his pipe-looking outside of a window. He had nobody waiting for him. He was yearning love. He wished teaching and the university weren’t everything. British?

Life 2: Native woman. Was transplanted somewhere in the tropics. I was looking out to my village. It wasn’t clear. I could just sense that was it. I had a baby on my hip (I never saw either face). I sensed the baby was a boy. The feeling I had standing there was one of gratitude. I loved my life and my child. I was happy.

How does this apply to my current life?

Apparently, you are shown moments that explain or clarify feelings you carry now.

The lonely man-I’ve always wanted to be near family and craved honest relationships. This is something I’ve yearned subconsciously as long as I could remember. This past lonely life could explain why. I need to fulfill the quest to be loved and surrounded by it and to also give it.

The native woman-the question of whats the point of children always pops into my head. That feeling I had could explain why. There is an intense feeling of love you share with this being. They automatically love you, and you to them. It was to show me that being grateful brings about beautiful and pleasant feelings. I also didn’t have much, which means I was happy with very little.

In between transitions, I heard a voice telling me to “let go”. This is very obvious. I need to let go of baggage. I need to let go of pain and hurt.

Spiritual Guides Experience

(At one point Jed guided us to connect with our spirit guides. The energy and force(s) that guide us in this life. I didn’t write this part, I drew it. See the image below)



They were too specific and realistic to simply categorize them as having been products of my imagination.

When the session ended I felt great. I was worried I wouldn’t remember anything I had seen, but it was and still is very clear in my memory. As I read this I realize how crazy it might all seem to you (no I wasn’t on drugs). It’s strange to think that we can actually tap into something like this and if you grew up in a religious household (btw I grew up Catholic and my Grandma would have an absolute fit if she found out I did this) it can be especially confusing. But as I tried to make sense of this I came to terms with the fact that what I had felt and seen was real. If I could consciously make up anything I wouldn’t have envisioned this. Why would I purposely picture a lonely man or a native woman? They were too specific and realistic to simply categorize them as having been products of my imagination.

I encourage you to try this at least once. I know it’s “out there” but I promise you there’s no way I can be making this up. This is real. There are infinite aspects to life that we don’t understand, and an experience like this definitely can’t hurt at helping to answer some of your questions.