Manifesting Greatness in 2018


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cat shares her excitement for 2018’s fresh start and is leaving all things negative behind and moving along manifesting greatness. Like many of you, she compiled a list of goals she’d like to accomplish this year, however, she acknowledged that unless she incorporates some new encouraging habits she won’t be able to meet them. Cat shares 7 goals and habits she’ll be sticking from here on out in order to reach her highest potential.

Make sure to grab a pen and paper or just open up your notes app because you’ll likely want to include some of these into your goal list too!


2:30-Keeping your eye on the prize

3:30-We’ve gotta work with the world so it can conspire in our favor

4:30-Unfollowing toxic people on social media

5:30-Asking people out on dates

6:30-Financial freedom to fund your dreams

7:40-Hope for the best first, and the worst last

8:20-Cooking at home boosts confidence

10:00-Reading 1 book per week

Quote of the Week

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


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