Keepin’ It Simple With Jord

In the last 6 months I’ve turned to minimalism in my style. I don’t like wearing much jewelry and I keep my color schemes  pretty neutral (aside from my occasional tie-dye tees). They say that you dress how you feel, so I’d like to think that my style is reflective of my evolving simplistic outlook on life. On that note, there’s one staple piece that I love and can’t find myself leaving the house without, and that’s my awesome wood watch by Jord! I love that their watches give off a modern flare without seemingly attempting to. Their styles are perfect for people who love to look put together without doing “too much”. I like sharing things I know others will love, which is why I couldn’t keep this one a secret!



If you like my watch you can get it at and if you want to check out their options you checkout the links below!

Men’s shop:

Women’s shop:


And because I love you oh so much, I’m going to let you in on a secret…you can get $20 off just by entering my contest! Whoever wins will actually get $75 off the style of their choosing!

See how much I love you?

Hurry and sign up at before the contest ends on 11/15



Wood Watch