Instagram Isn’t Real Life

Instagram Is Not Real Life

Instagram has got our generation all sorts of f’d up.

We’ve somehow begun to prize followers and online status’ over human decency and genuine principles, and we have without a doubt taken things to another level.  Do you remember how back in the early 2000’s there was the Sims game that people became obsessed with? In short, people were able to put together perfect online versions of themselves and in turn were able to manipulate the way people perceived them online. It was kinda like an online utopia for people who were trying to escape real life. I believe Instagram is doing the just the same, kinda. Essentially it’s allowing individuals to put together a perfect portfolio of their lives to display for the whole world to see, and some have gotten reallyyyy creative at it.

While some people use Instagram to innocently update their families and friends on their happenings, others will use it to brag about superficial shit in hopes of gaining notoriety.

Lets Keep Things Real

Look peeps, I’m going to keep it 100 with you.

I know that sometimes the Instagram world can warp your perception of reality, it happens to me too! You go on a scrolling binge where you end up checking out a ton of random fit girl pages, outfits, makeup guru’s, models, high school classmates lalalala- then you close your phone only to feel a little worse than you did before you got on it.

Let me tell you why.

Firstly, let me open your eyes to the FACT that tons of people are making a living on Instagram by simply reminding you of all of the things you don’t have. We follow people who live this perceived lifestyle and subconsciously emulate them.  The problem is that most of those people don’t actually live the life they so creatively depict, and if they do, they will never tell you what it actually took to get there.

Just To be Clear

I’m specifically referring to the people on Instagram who didn’t establish their social media presence with the foundation of talent or area of expertise, but simply by posting half-naked pictures of themselves and flashing around expensive things.  I repeat those people will never actually tell you the things they had to do to get the Chanel bag or to get the photo opp in the Bentley.

*None of that is a coincidence*

It’s not real life.

Those pictures are strategically planned.

Those people are doing it for the likes.

Those people have you fooled.

This Whole IG Famous Thing Is Crazy

This whole “IG famous” concept took me a while to understand because while I was busting my ass in college I simultaneously saw girls I went to high school with taking vacations and living the life on Instagram and it confused the hell out of me! For a while, I kept thinking I was behind and that I was living a really average life, but now that I’ve seen first hand how these Instagram magicians work and now I know better. Having learned this I couldn’t help but feel like it was imperative I shared this all with you too.

It is out of love that I want to remind you of some things that you may forget from time to time.

You’re doing fine. You live an awesome life. You’re perfect as you are.

Comparing yourself to people online does you NO good.

Focus your attention on real life- on your beautiful daily experiences and the relationships you have with people you actually know, and you’ll quickly see how silly Instagram comparisons really are.