Balancing Chasing Your Dreams and Being in Love


For her 25th episode Cat sits down to chat with a highly requested guest, her partner Frank! They break down how they manage to maintain their intimate relationship while also giving each other space to pursue their own personal endeavors. They’re aware of it’s “unconventional” nature but challenge the traditional expectations that society sets on partnerships and how they’ve been limiting to them in the past. As the episode goes on Cat and Frankie make it clearer that they truly just want others to understand that they don’t have to sacrifice their passions in exchange for love, you can absolutely have both!


5:00-Uncovering unhealthy codependency habits

8:30-Designing your own relationship model

11:00-Difference between possession vs appreciation

14:00-Having your own space is sacred

20:00-Looking out for one another’s growth

30:00-Ways to show each other appreciation

35:00-Evaluating when things aren’t working

43:00-Ask yourself what you want out of life, then design your relationship

Inspo of the Week

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams”-Marian Wright Edelman

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