Being the Light the World Needs Right Now

Being the Light the World Needs Right Now

Written by Dani Fine


Cat talks about the recent tragedy that took place in Las Vegas and provides some tips on maintaining a balance and being the light during such troubling times.She expresses how she’s been feeling amidst the chaos that so many others are also feeling, and shares some hope for a more creative and wholesome future.


“It’s okay to say, it’s too much”

“Sometimes we have the words to express certain feelings that others don’t have”

“Somebody may find peace in what you’ve created”

“We all need to feel connected and understood to feel better”

“Make an effort to adjust yourself, to adjust your space, and to accommodate people”

“Do something kind for somebody else. It’s the literal antidote for any negative feelings that you may be harboring at any given time”

“I promise to be committed to making our society better”

Quote of the Week

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them”-Elvis Presley

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