Atima Lui: NUDEST, building a tech unicorn, overhauling colorism, and creating your own beauty standards

In this episode I chat with Founder and CEO of NUDEST, Atima Lui! This trailblazing woman’s company sells machine learning skin tone matching software as a service to beauty and fashion brands. Throughout our conversation, I was deeply interested in understanding the root of what sparked her passion of empowering dark skinned women and girls. As I later learned in this recording, it stemmed much from having to grow up in a world with little represenation of dark skin in beauty and media.

This interaction was in alot of ways healing and therapeutic for me. We disucssed deeply personal topics like the effects of colorism and Atima’s self-love journey, which taught me a lot about what led her down the path she’s on now. She also dropped major game-changing affirmation (which you’ll hear within the first 15 seconds of the show) that inspired the hell out of me! No matter who you are, I’m certain you’ll take a lot away from this!